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The No. 1 Enemy of South Bay Criminals

October 17, 2013

This interview was first published in JWeekly.

Santa Clara County District Attorney Jeff Rosen

Santa Clara County District Attorney Jeff Rosen

Name: Jeff Rosen

Age: 46

City: Los Altos

Position: Santa Clara County District Attorney

J.: What did you do before you were elected district attorney in 2010?

Jeff Rosen: I was a deputy district attorney for about 15 years before I ran. I was a prosecutor and tried cases in court: misdemeanors; juvenile; drug trafficking; robbery; child molestation; rape and murder. Before that, I worked for a couple of years in private law firms in Los Angeles, where I am from, but that was not my thing.

J.: You’re not the only lawyer in your household, right?

JR: That’s right. My wife is a federal prosecutor. She’s an assistant U.S. attorney in San Jose.

J.: Has it been hard adjusting to being an elected official after having been a prosecutor?

JR: There have definitely been new challenges. For instance, campaigning really took me out of my comfort zone. Many decisions I make are public and high-profile, and you can’t please all the people all the time. Even if it’s the right decision, there will always be people who will disagree with it. Nobody wants people calling them names or saying that they aren’t doing what’s right, or that they’re unfair or unethical. But it’s not really about me. It’s about what the issues are and doing what’s right. I’ve developed a thicker skin and it has gotten easier for me.
 The Santa Clara County District Attorney’s Office is huge, right? The largest north of Los Angeles?

JR:  Yes. We have 185 prosecutors, 85 investigators, 75 criminalists and over 200 support staff. We have four offices — the main office in San Jose, small offices in Palo Alto and Morgan Hill, and we also run our own crime laboratory. We prosecute approximately 40,000 criminal cases per year.

J.: You don’t personally try cases anymore, so do you miss being in court?

JR: I do go to court to watch prosecutors at trial. It’s very important for me to see the great work they are doing there and to support them. I miss some aspects of trying cases, but the truth is I’m completely engaged in what I am doing now.

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Toronto’s Tears For Couple In Mystery Slaying

January 15, 2013

This article was first published in The Jewish Daily Forward.

David (Donny) Pichosky and Rochelle Wise (photo taken from Facebook)

David (Donny) Pichosky and Rochelle Wise (photo taken from Facebook)

The Toronto Jewish community has been stunned into a mournful silence by the murder of beloved educator Rochelle Wise and her husband David (Donny) Pichosky in Florida last week.

Many turned inward with their grief as the couple was laid to rest on Monday at the Bathurst Lawn Memorial Park. However, one man, whose children went to the school where Wise had worked and who also knew Pichosky, spoke to The Forward after attending the funeral and burial, calling the murder “a huge shock and a double tragedy.”

The father said he planned on generally acceding to the request from the Bialik Hebrew Day School, where Wise was Preschool Vice Principal for four years before recently retiring, to avoid speaking to the media out of respect for the family of the deceased. “However, I will say that nobody has anything but wonderful things to say about Rochelle,” he shared. “She was a fantastic educator and a warm person. We all held her in high regard. We wished she had stayed at Bialik longer, but understood her wanting to retire and enjoy life with Donny.”

Wise, 66, who had founded and run the popular Crestwood Valley Day Camp for many years before working at Bialik, was discovered by concerned neighbors dead alongside her husband, 71, in their Hallandale Beach, Florida townhouse. The retirees were “snowbirds,” Canadians who spend up to half the year in Florida to escape the cold northern winters.

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Israel’s School Lunches May Get a MO-bama-Style Makeover

January 15, 2013

This piece first appeared on The Jew and the Carrot blog at The Forward.

Jerusalem City Councilmember Rachel Azaria (second from right) and other parents protest unhealthy school lunches.

Jerusalem City Councilmember Rachel Azaria (second from right) and other parents protest unhealthy school lunches.

One of the signatures of modern Israeli cuisine is fresh, flavorful food made with fruits and vegetables that grow almost year round in the country’s temperate Mediterranean climate. So, it might be a bit surprising to learn that Israeli kids are eating school lunches that are as lacking in freshness and good nutrition as some of the worst American school lunches.

Armed with examples of fixes for the problem, like First Lady Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move initiative and British celebrity chef Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution campaign, Jerusalem City Councilmember Rachel Azaria is leading the fight for healthier school lunches in her city and throughout Israel.

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