How ‘Bout A Hug?

hugs_graphics_04My middle son, the one who put his name in Hebrew on his Facebook profile, gave me a big hug this morning. An affectionate guy, he likes to do this anyway, but today he said he was hugging me because it was Hug A Jew Day. I was half-paying attention to him as I was hurrying to pack lunches and get everyone out the door on time. I had no idea what he was talking about and thought he must be joking. “That’s nice,” I said, “Now hurry up and get dressed for school.”

Then, with everyone out of the house, I logged on to Facebook and saw that some of my “friends” were attending Hug a Jew Day. So, of course, I had to check it out. Apparently, it’s for real and around 150,000 people are planning to participate, with tens of thousands of others yet to RSVP.

It seems that there is an annual Hug A Jew Day in February, and today’s event is an additional one that was initiated by a couple of young teenagers who think that being Jewish can be tough sometimes, and that a hug could really help. If hugging is your thing and you want to  find out more about this, go to Facebook’s Hug A Jew Day event page, and to a related article in the Jerusalem edition of Blueprint.

I’m sort of curious to see what all this hugging good will and positive energy will do. I’ll just have to wait until tomorrow to see if anything has changed. In any case, something will have changed: I will be one year older. I am hoping that, at least in my family, the Jewish hugging fest lasts 48 hours so I get lots of demonstrations of affection on my birthday tomorrow.

I’m not going to wait another day, though. I, as I am sure many like me, will remind all my children not to forget today to hug someone who is always happy to get a hug from them. Kids, your Yiddishe Mamme is waiting with open arms.

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One Response to “How ‘Bout A Hug?”

  1. Dog Lawyer Says:

    Here’s (another) hug for my amazing, wonderful wife!

    – Yiddishe Mamme’s Man

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