Jew Of The Month

There’s a lot of stuff out there for the younger Jewish crowd that I just can’t seem to relate to. I can appreciate and understand much of it, but that is not the same as feeling comfortable with or “getting” it. Therefore, I am happy to say that there is something (that I discovered thanks to Leah Berkenwald of Jewesses With Attitude) recently put out there by young Jews that does speak to me. And with today being the first day of 2010, the timing couldn’t be better. I am talking about the Nice Jewish Guys calendar. Its tagline is “Take him home to mom. What’s not to like?”

The back cover of this year's calendar

I have never been one for wall calendars, especially those insipid ones targeted at dog and cat-fetishizing consumers. And although I will admit to stopping and taking a look at examples featuring hunky firefighters, police officers – and even Mormons, I have never actually bought one. This time, however, I may be moved to shell out a few bucks to support something I think deserves attention and respect.

In our popular culture, which elevates the virtues of external beauty far above those of the inner kind, it is refreshing to see young people put a product out there on the market that extols something other than hot, unclad physiques. And although it appears from the following video about the calendar that this project has been a fun one, nice Jewish men are in no way being made fun of. The makers of the calendar are serious about their interest in shining the spotlight on guys who are kind, funny, trustworthy, good to their parents and grandparents, and most importantly proud to be Jewish. Not to mention the fact that they have jobs. It is high time that mensches have their day in the sun.

It goes without saying that I am a big fan of nice Jewish men. After all, I married one and together we are raising three of our own. ‘Nuff said by me – listen to what the calendar’s creator, Adam Cohen (who coincidentally looks and sounds a lot like my friend Dave Landesberg, one of the nicest Jewish guys you’ll ever meet) has to say:

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One Response to “Jew Of The Month”

  1. Rose Barlow Says:

    Thanks for sharing. I LOVE the calendar!

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