Israel Does Good

Hats off to Israel: "Rescue and Recovery Team" in Hebrew

Speaking of good PR for Israel, the news out of Haiti is that Israel’s search, rescue, recovery and medical team (comprised mainly of IDF, ZAKA and MDA personnel) is the only one so far to have set up a field hospital with surgical capabilities since the earthquake on January 12th. Even news sources that are not usually quick to to point out good things about Israel, are doing so in regard to the preparedness and effectiveness of the Israelis in Haiti.

The Israeli field hospital has an Ob/Gyn section, and the grateful mother of one baby delivered there reportedly decided to name him, “Israel.”

Here, in this post, is a video of the Israeli search and rescue team extricating and stabilizing a man from the rubble six days after the earthquake. In the post below this one, you can view a report from CNN that praises the Israelis and is critical of the American medical response in Haiti.

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3 Responses to “Israel Does Good”

  1. Rose Barlow Says:

    Beyond proud and very moved!

  2. israel4zion Says:

    You said in your post, “The Israeli field hospital has an Ob/Gyn section, and the grateful mother of one baby delivered there decided to name him, “Israel.”

    I loved reading that.

    That was wonderful.

    I also read on I.N.N. that Israeli’s that were there on the Sabbath prayed facing Jerusalem and some of the people there from Haiti came while they were praying and thanked them.

  3. Cliff Says:

    My hat is off to the Israeli responders in Haiti and I’m wondering what it is that they are doing and not doing to make it possible for them to deploy their field hospitals so quickly. The rest of world has much to learn from them, especially the US and others who have so much medical material on the ground, but have not yet been able to get it deployed. Hopefully, the world will soon be learning of the Israeli techniques so that they can become more effective responders both in Haiti and elsewhere in the future.

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