Bear, Buster And Peter Himmelman’s Furious And Curious Worlds

Peter Himmelman davening in an airport. Not your typical LA rock star.

Bear and I can’t believe that we’ve been missing out on Peter Himmelman’s Web-based variety show, Furious WorldI because I have always liked Himmelman’s music, and Bear because he’s found a kindred spirit in Himmelman’s dog Buster. I suppose I was not aware of the show because it airs early on Tuesday evenings, when I am busy with cleaning up from dinner and supervising homework, or sometimes driving a carpool home from Hebrew school. Bear is also regularly busy at that time, either being taken for a walk by my husband or taking his time pooing in our backyard.

But once Bear saw the Buster’s Balls segment from one of the show’s episodes, he knew that this was one show he couldn’t miss. So now he has adjusted his schedule accordingly and holds his business until after the broadcast, or at least until Buster’s part is over.

Although I did enjoy Buster’s performance, what piqued my interest in Furious World was its promo video, which reminded me why I fell for Himmelman himself, his music and his shtick way back in my college days. The show’s informal setting and atmosphere, its “Hey, gang, let’s put on a show in the garage” production values, really make me nostalgic for those simpler times. I almost feel like I am twenty years old again. I say almost because when I see that Himmelman’s hair and beard are now gray, I have to admit to myself that I, too, have gotten older. In any case, Himmelman’s gray hair becomes him. He’s definitely getting better with age. It must be due to his accumulated life experience and acquired wisdom. And he’s still pretty hot, too, in this Gen X Yiddishe Mamme’s opinion.

And for those of you who are Peter Himmelman fans like me, or are just willing to indulge my desire to include one of my favorite songs – here’s one more clip:

Okay, okay, I know I said that would be the last clip…but I couldn’t let you go without telling you that Himmelman, who is also a writer and performer of imaginative children’s music, has another show called Peter Himmelman’s Curious World for kids. Love that rhyming show titles thing he’s got going on….

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