Costume Envy

With Tu B’Shevat behind us, it is time to look ahead to Purim. While most of us have fond memories of celebrating this holiday, which is so oriented toward children with activities like eating sweets, playing at carnivals and dressing up in disguise, I can only recall suffering severe costume envy at this time of year. I think, almost forty years later,  I have finally gotten over it. But it’s a good thing I haven’t forgotten it, because it makes for a good story.

Have a gander at the five or six year-old me in this photo. It would appear that I did not get the memo that it was the month of Adar and I was, therefore, supposed to be happy. But if you look at that pathetic looking costume, you might understand why I wasn’t rejoicing. Besides, I’m not sure what’s worse – the costume or the ’70s shag haircut.

Click here to read the story I wrote for and learn the details of my Purim traumas past, and how I worked through my holiday-related issues to avoid passing on my costume envy mishegas to my own children (let’s hope…).

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