Santa Baby

Speaking of choices…

I couldn’t resist re-posting this photo from Yoni Cantor Wiseman I saw on Facebook yesterday.

I wonder if someone should say something to this family from Jerusalem’s Ultra-Orthodox neighborhood Meah Shearim about their choice of Purim costumes…Nah, why bother? They wouldn’t know what you were talking about anyway.

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4 Responses to “Santa Baby”

  1. Rose Barlow Says:

    Maybe they have a wicked sense of humor? I will give them the full benefit of the doubt and heartily salute them.

  2. Renee Ghert-Zand Says:

    I think you are being too generous 😉

  3. Rose Barlow Says:

    LOL! Maybe its a case of getting a good price on a job-lot!

  4. Bernie Ghert Says:

    I have received pictures of other seriously orthodox Jewish people wearing Santa Claus outfits for Purim. They are not from Mea Shearim. What are they trying to prove? Are they mocking Christians?

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