What’s Going On In The Salon?

Speaking of Jewish students and young people working together, here’s another example. And once again, sex has something to do with it. If it weren’t for this photo of Judean: The Chosen Condom (the red kippah‘s a nice touch, don’t you think?) showing up on my Facebook feed,

I would not have done some research to find out that it was made for “Kosherotica,” the third event of Salon Mexico City. I would also not have known that there are additional Jewish Salons in Tel Aviv, Vienna, Amsterdam and Prague, and that there is an effort underway to create chapters (is that too institutional a word for a movement that aims to break away from “institutional” Jewish life, attract Jews “on the margin,” create a space for alternative Jewish cultural expression, and interest young Jews in questions of Jewish identity for the 21st century?) in other cities around the world. Although each salon is tailored to its unique location and  Sitz im Leben, leaders from the various cities collaborate together on themes and programming ideas.

From what I can tell, the young people involved in the Salons are serious, and the programs they produce are equally so (though it looks like there may be more than just talking going on in them!). Notably, The Jewish Salons have some heavy hitters on their honorary council and list of benefactors. These groups, both like and unlike historical Jewish salons (think post-Enlightenment Central Europe), are worth taking a look at  – either on their website, or in the following video reports:

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