Peach Pit Spaghetti

My friend David Greene, who recently opened Livegreene, a store in downtown Palo Alto, CA that sells “good fun stuff that just happens to be green,” found me to be a rather persuasive person. So being the astute and clever businessperson that he is, he convinced me to have a little fun while helping him out on the marketing front. Here’s the result (as it appears on the Livegreene blog):

My brother showing off one of his creative uses for the Spaghetti Scrubber.

As I was getting ready to do the dishes at my brother’s place, extolling the virtue of the Spaghetti Scrubber I had just given him as a gift, I turned around to find that my brother (the oh-so-creative joker that he is) had figured out another practical use for it: He was wearing it on his head as a toupee.

I guess that having gone so many years with a bald pate, he figured that strands of curly, pinky-red, repurposed peach pits were a fun and easy – not to mention ecologically-friendly – means of improving his look. It’s just the right style for him. He used to have thick, coarse, cork-screwy hair that didn’t look all that different from the scrubber. So what if it was a different color? Change is good, and he actually looks quite peachy as a redhead.

And the best part about this makeover? My brother doesn’t need to remember anymore where he left the dish scrubber (next to the dish soap? under the sink?). He just has to reach up on top of his head and – Voila! There it is.

But the uses for the Spaghetti Scrubber don’t end with dishwashing and camouflaging hair loss. Another family member thought the scrubber I gave her (as you can tell, I think the Spaghetti Scrubber makes a great gift) was for removing dry, tough skin from her feet. I let her know that the item’s label indicated it was for cleaning dishes, but congratulated her on her outside-the-box thinking. She suggested that she could use it for both purposes (“What’s the big deal? I’ll just rinse it out after I finish with my pedicure.”). Hmm…With that remark, the thought of eating at her house – no matter how good a cook she is –  became a lot less appetizing.

But why stop at toupee and pedicure pumice when thinking of unconventional uses for the amazing Spaghetti Scrubber? My brother has told me he plans to use his new hair – I mean, scrubber – for all different jobs around the house. His barbeque grill needs a good scraping, and his walls need sanding and smoothing between coats when he paints them. He says he’s going to use it as a loofah in the shower, and he is looking forward to the winter, when he’ll use his Spaghetti Scrubber to texture his skis after waxing them.

It seems that when it comes to the amazing Spaghetti Scrubber, the claim that “one cleaning product does it all,” is absolutely true. And don’t be surprised if you see it offered for sale at your local hair or wig salon one day soon, too.

What exactly is a must-have Spaghetti Scrubber and where can you get one? Click here to find out.

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