A Sweet New Venture

This article first appeared as “South Bay woman dives into kosher cakes – eloquently” in JWeekly.

Flower bouquet made of spun sugar by Susan Leitner

Susan Leitner likes to have her cake and bake it, too. Recently she opened the Eloquent Oven, a new kosher dessert baking and cake decorating business in Mountain View.

An open house to officially announce the new venture was held in late August, and it attracted a crowd of clients, friends, neighbors, colleagues and, of course, pastry and cake lovers.

“We were Susan’s first customer in her new location,” boasted one of the attendees, Alison Ruebusch, the head of academics at Kehillah Jewish High School in Palo Alto. She had previously bought pareve cookies, cupcakes and squares for two events at Kehillah.

“They were eaten all up,” she reported. “Everyone loved them.”

Leitner, who lives in San Jose, had been working out of a kitchen space she was renting in South San Francisco. But with a majority of her potential client base in the South Bay and on the South Peninsula, she began to find it frustrating that she and her goodies were not on people’s radars.

“Everyone kept asking me when I was going to open my business,” she said, “even when I had already been open for a while.”

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