From Oakland Hills To Judean Hills

This article was first published as “Oakland family of six pulling up roots to plant in Israel” in JWeekly.

The Rozen Family

Rabbi Jason Rozen, his wife, Bruria, and their four young children live in Oakland. But not for long. In July, they will be making aliyah to Israel and setting up a new home in Beit Shemesh, near Jerusalem.

“We are making an important step in our lives that will carry us into the next stage,” Jason said. Moving to Israel, although it is a big change, seems natural to the family. “Years of Jewish education have instilled in us a love for the Land of Israel and the value of living in the State of Israel,” explained Bruria. Moreover, they will be joining many extended family members who have made aliyah.

When Jason, 32, the middle-school director at Oakland Hebrew Day School for the past seven years, and his wife, 31, married nine years ago, they made what they called their “10-year Israel plan.” In other words, they hoped to make aliyah within 10 years of their wedding date. “It was always a dream,” he said. “But it became much more of a practical reality when I was recently offered a work opportunity in Israel.”

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One Response to “From Oakland Hills To Judean Hills”

  1. Frume Sarah Says:

    B’hatzlacha to the Rozen family!!!!

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