Here Comes The Sun

This post first appeared as “Counting Down to ‘Ben-Gurion’s Solar Revolution'” on The Shmooze blog of The Forward.

The homepage of the Arava Power Company’s website shows a clock counting down the days, hours, minutes and seconds to “Ben-Gurion’s Solar Revolution.”

On June 5, in celebration of World Environment Day, the company will inaugurate Israel’s first commercial solar field at Kibbutz Ketura in the Arava Valley. The Arava Power Company is a privately held partnership, owned by Global Sun Partners, Siemens, and KKL-JNF. It is the only public-private partnership in the solar market in Israel.

The solar power field uses photovoltaic (PV) technology, which produces no emissions, makes no noise and uses no water. The backers of the venture hope that increased use of solar energy will reduce the need for new coal plants in Israel. In November of last year, Israel’s Infrastructure Ministry signed a 20-year Power Purchase Agreement worth NIS 250 million with the company, allowing it to supply power to Israel’s electrical grid.

Click here to read more and view the cool video invitation to the inauguration.

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One Response to “Here Comes The Sun”

  1. Martin Berman-Gorvine Says:

    Hooray for Kibbutz Ketura! I spent 2 weeks there at the end of 1991. It is beautiful with the Jordanian plateau rising out of the desert. One day I harvested scallions from a field at the end of which was a barbed wire fence that marked off the minefields at the edge of the Jordanian border.

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