Counting Jews

This post first appeared as “Blogger Spreads News of Anti-Semitic ‘Jew Count’ at University of Toronto” on The Shmooze blog of the Forward.

With all the Israel-related new anti-Semitism taking place on college campuses lately, people might forget that there is still some good old-fashioned, early 20th century-style anti-Semitism out there, too.

Richard Klagsbrun, a Canadian social media entrepreneur and writer, reported on June 13 on his “Eye on a Crazy Planet” blog on anti-Semitism and a “Jew count” at the University of Toronto. The reported anti-Semitic behavior of a professor of social work (as well as some of her students) took place in late 2009. One of the professor’s U of T colleagues published an account of it in the Journal for the Study of Anti-Semitism in 2010, and the Canadian Jewish News ran a story on it in early that same year. It appears, however, that it is Klagsbrun’s blog post that has exposed the incident more broadly as it has spread in recent days through social networking on the Internet.

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One Response to “Counting Jews”

  1. Martin Berman-Gorvine Says:

    I had a look at Professor Bhuyan’s University of Tornoto Web page, and it is immediately obvious both where her prejudices spring from (or at least, where they received a “respectable” veneer) and why the university didn’t dare discipline her. She is described as being “a second-generation immigrant of Assamese/Indian heritage” and as having among her research interests “Post-structural, Feminist, Critical Race, and Post-Colonial theories.” Translation: She is a member of a designated victim group specializing in studying other designated victim groups, from which the Jews have long since been read out. On the excuse of Israel’s alleged crimes against Palestinians, Jews have instead been labeled an oppressor group by the “post-colonial” crowd, a fact which these professional victimologists doubtless made their colleague Professor Bhuyan well aware of, teaching her that any action she might care to take against such oppressors is by definition a form of “Political Social Work & Anti-Oppression Practice” (another of her “research interests”). No action, of course, could be taken against her as a member of an “authentic” victim group when she was exposed.

    You are correct that counting Jews is an anti-Semitic activity that seems a century out of date, but the ethnic makeup of the new anti-Semites is of much more recent vintage, being one of the more poisonous legacies of the “liberation” movements of the 1960s New Left.

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