AP Covers The Hatzalah Story

Regular Truth, Praise and Help readers may recall that I wrote a post for The Sisterhood at the Forward about Hatzalah’s refusal to allow women to join its emergency ambulance corps. The refusal has been put forth on grounds of modesty, even though  the women are asking to assist only in medical emergencies involving women—specifically to safeguard women’s modesty.

Cristian Salazar of the Associated Press’ New York bureau followed up on the story and interviewed and quoted me in his article, “NYC Jewish women want to join all-male EMT group.” What did I have to say?

Renee Ghert-Zand, a contributor to a blog on women’s issues, Sisterhood, published by the Jewish publication the Forward, said the refusal to allow women to volunteer for Hatzolah was an example of discrimination against women.

“Women have been increasingly marginalized from public life and from public view under the pretext of modesty,” she said. “They’re saying it’s not modest for women to give emergency care. I see absolutely no reason why that should not happen. There are women who are trained in the medical profession.”

Update: On November 28, the Forward published an in-depth article by Naomi Zeveloff on the story. Read it here.


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One Response to “AP Covers The Hatzalah Story”

  1. Martin Berman-Gorvine Says:

    These people are just like the Muslim Brotherhood, and just like them their rebellion against modernity cannot succeed, it can only cause terrible suffering.

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