Teens Turn Lens On Israel

This article was first published as “Students turn lens on Israel, with surprising results” in JWeekly.

Israeli-born Inbar Eliav, who lived in the Jewish state until she was 14, thought she knew the country well. But when the 17-year-old Palo Altan participated in the Bay Area’s Write On for Israel program, she saw her homeland through new eyes.

“It’s not always obvious, as an Israeli, [why] people would want to make aliyah,” Eliav said. WOFI offered her a chance to further explore that theme and find out what motivates people to immigrate to Israel. The result is “Aliyah: Home Is Where the Heart Is,” a short film she created with four of her peers.

“Aliyah” is one of five films by members of the 2010-2011 WOFI cohort that will be shown at BlueStar’s For Israel Film Festival Dec. 11. The films, all five to seven minutes long, are the culmination of a year’s study by a select group of 25 high-school juniors and seniors. Students in WOFI, a collaborative effort of BlueStar and j. weekly, gain a strong background in Israeli and Jewish history and skills in critical thinking and journalism, meant to prepare them to advocate for Israel on college campuses and beyond.

The program includes a 10-day trip to Israel, during which the students conducted interviews and shot their films.

Click here to read more. See the posters for the student-made films below:

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