Rapping About Judah Maccabeeyach

This post first appeared as “Hanukkah Rap Battle” on The Shmooze blog at the Forward.

Too Short (left) and Jim Jones

The Shmooze is pretty certain that these off-the-cuff Hanukkah raps by Too Short and Jim Jones are not going to become part of the Hanukkah song canon. Somehow, it seems unlikely that these ditties commissioned by TMZ for an “It’s Dreidel Time, Bitch!” rap battle will have as much longevity has “I Have a Little Dreidel” and “S’vivon Sov Sov Sov.”

But you’ve got to give these guys points for trying.

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One Response to “Rapping About Judah Maccabeeyach”

  1. Martin Berman-Gorvine Says:

    Tom Lehrer:
    I’m spending Hanukkah in Santa Monica
    Wearing sandals, lighting candles by the sea
    I spent Shavuos in East St. Louis
    A charming spot, but clearly not the spot for me…
    Rosh Hashanah I spent in Arizona
    And Yom Kippuh, way down in Mississippuh…

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