Paul Newman’s Legacy In Israel

This article was first published as “A River Runs Through It” in The Jewish Week.

The climbing wall at the Jordan River Village Camp.

Nine-year-old Hilla Pulvermacher from Jerusalem, who is an insulin-dependent diabetic, probably has no idea who Paul Newman was. Twelve-year-old Ayal Adler from Ashdod, who has colitis, probably doesn’t either. Nonetheless, it was because of the late actor that they had the time of their lives for a week last summer.

Little could Newman have known as he looked out over Israel’s Jezreel Valley while filming the classic film “Exodus,” that 50 years later it would be the site for one of his Hole in the Wall camps for seriously ill children. The Jordan River Village Camp, the newest addition to the Hole in the Wall family, opened this past summer and serves young people of all religious and ethnic backgrounds suffering from chronic and genetic medical conditions. Campers come from Israel, the Palestinian territories and the entire Middle East.

Jordan River Village is a unique place. It is the only camp facility in Israel designed specifically for the needs of children ages 9-21 with chronic and terminal diseases and medical conditions. The 60-acre wheelchair-accessible campus in the Lower Galilee overlooks Lake Kinneret, and it is equipped with advanced medical facilities as well as the kinds of buildings and activity areas one would expect to find at a children’s camp.

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