“Weight Is Not Everything”

This article was first published in The Jewish Week.

Dr. Iris Shai of Ben-Gurion University

LynleyShimat Lys, a 34-year-old student in Jerusalem, has fought since her college days to take off 50 extra pounds, only to see them slowly come back on.

Los Angeles writer Gordon Haber, 43, went on the South Beach diet after consuming too much beer, kielbasa and pierogi while on a Fulbright scholarship in Poland in 2002. He got down to down to 170 pounds from 195, but now he is back up to 183.

Seth Morrison, today a 60-year-old marketing and management consultant in Arlington, Va., lost 100 pounds back in 1976. He has worked extremely hard to maintain his healthy weight, but has seen the numbers on the scale creep up by 15 pounds in recent years.

These three people are not alone. With our recent celebration of the arrival of 2012 came our lists of resolutions for the New Year. For many of us, at the top of that list was the promise to lose weight to improve our health. But the reality is that so many of us diet and lose weight, only to see it come back on, either partially or entirely. We are frustrated and assume that whatever health benefits we worked so hard to attain have disappeared with the weight regain.

 But it turns out that all is not lost, and that there is good reason to continue to eat healthfully no matter what number the needle on the scale is pointing to. A new Israeli-German study recently published in Diabetes Care shows that specific blood biomarkers continue to improve even after weight regain takes place, so long as a healthy diet is maintained.

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