On Belle Mode’s Bus

News of a certain photo shoot for Israeli fashion magazine Belle Mode has been making its way from Israel all the way to the mainstream American media. To say that these photos are provocative would be an understatement. I don’t think they need any  explanation. They speak for themselves to anyone who has been following in recent months the ongoing and heightened discourse about “hadarat nashim” (exclusion of women) in the Israeli public sphere.

Here is a video report about the photo shoot as it was taking place last month. It is in Hebrew, with no English subtitles. Key quotes are from Belle Mode’s editor Maya Pollak, who says that the photo shoot was both inspired by and meant to protest the phenomenon of “hadarat nashim.” Fashion photographer Lior Nordman points out in response to Haredi men claiming that women must dress extremely modestly to limit their attractiveness to men: “I am in the presence of rather scantily clad women several days a week, and I manage to control myself.”

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2 Responses to “On Belle Mode’s Bus”

  1. Lindaf Says:

    I love this!

    How ridiculous of BOTH these Fanatic Israelis and the Fanatic Arabs that blame women for the fact that they get woodies. Get some self-control, guys.

  2. Shinji Says:

    I have watched a documentary, recently, on orthodox married women wearing wigs, to cover their hair. The “funny” part is that, to wear a wig, is like to “cheat” your own god. If you believe that god requires your hair not to be shown, just wear a hijab. On the other hand, if you believe it is an anachronistic requirement, just don’t do it. But to try to fool your own god, that’s kinda fun.

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