Look Who’s Crowdsourcing

This piece first appeared in The Times of Israel.

Yuval and Liran want to start a family.

Yuval and Liran want to start a family.

These days, crowdsourcing seems to be the way to go to fund your project. “Kickstarter” and similar websites, like the Israeli “Mimoona,” are the place to go if you want to bring something new into the world — even a baby.

Liran Altman Kadury and Yuval Kadury Altman, a gay couple from Tel Aviv, have already spent $120,000 trying to start a family by surrogacy. One surrogate miscarried twins, and the pregnancy carried by another surrogate failed to thrive. But the would-be-fathers are not willing to give up their dream of having a child. Having borrowed money from family, downsized their lifestyle and depleted their savings, the men are now going for broke.

They’ve swallowed their pride and launched a Mimoona campaign to raise NIS 250,000 ($67,640), the amount they will need to for several more tries with a surrogacy agency in another country. The YouTube video Kadury and Altman put online in conjunction with their campaign has gone viral, getting over 50,000 views in less than two days. As of the publication of this article, they have already raised NIS 31,703 from 319 donors.

Click here to read more and watch the video.

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