Read Pittsburgh Jewish Newspapers From 1895

This post first appeared on The Arty Semite blog at the Forward.

newspaper2The Pittsburgh Jewish Newspaper Project is making it easier for genealogists and historians to do their research. Begun in 2004 and completed last year, the digital archive stores and makes accessible every edition of four different local Jewish publications dating from 1895 to 2010.

Anyone with an Internet connection can access the archive, which contains 8,700 issues and more than 230,000 images from the Jewish Criterion (1895-1962), the American Jewish Outlook (1934-1962), the Jewish Chronicle (1962-present), and the Y-JCC series (1926-1975).

The Jewish newspaper archive is a project of the Carnegie Mellon University Libraries. “Carnegie Mellon has been a leader in digitization of library and archival materials,” said Gabrielle Michalek, head of the libraries’ archives and digital library initiatives. “We were on the vanguard of all of this, building the first and largest digital archives, beginning back in 1995 with the Senator H. John Heinz Archives.”

Carnegie Mellon tracked down all the back issues of the Criterion in Pittsburgh’s Rodef Shalom Congregation’s archive, those of the Outlook and Y-JCC at the Rauh Jewish Archives at the Heinz History Center, and those of the Chronicle at that paper’s offices.

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