Talking With…An Ice Cream Man Who Likes It Green

This interview was first published in JWeekly.

Neal outside factoryName: Neal Gottlieb
Age: 36
City: Sausalito
Who: Founder of Three Twins Ice Cream

J.: When did you start your organic ice cream company, and how did it get its name? How can there be three twins?

Neal Gottlieb:  I started the company in 2005 with a scoop shop in San Rafael, which is still there and will celebrate its eighth anniversary on Aug. 27. We opened our factory in Petaluma in 2010. The company name refers to me, my twin brother, Carl, and his wife, but I founded the company by myself.

J.: Starting a green company was important to you. Why did you decide to do it with ice cream?

NG: I felt I could build a green company with mass appeal by using food. Something that’s clean and organic can really appeal to the masses. Ice cream already had people paying different price levels, people willing to pay for good stuff. We would make organic ice cream bundled with other awesome traits and we’d have something. And it’s proving to be the case. We’re trying to make inconceivably delicious organic ice cream that’s accessible and affordable.

J.: Did you eat at lot of ice cream growing up in Fair Lawn, N.J.?

NG: I certainly ate a lot of ice cream growing up. We had a separate freezer in which half the space was reserved for our ice cream stash, which was largely whatever was on sale.

My brothers and I used to tease our mom that when we were on vacation, we didn’t get around to having breakfast, so we’d end up having Dairy Queen at 10:30 in the morning. We’d tease her for being a terrible mother for feeding her kids ice cream for breakfast, but in reality she was a good mother.

J.: Is it true that people who work around ice cream get so sick of it they can’t eat it anymore?

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