Super-Sized Women Are Living Sculptures For Italian Artist

This piece was first published in The Times of Israel.


Italian Jewish photographer Yossi Loloi isn’t just thinking big with his Full Beauty Project. He’s thinking extremely obese.

The women appearing in this series of artful photographs all weigh between 420 and 600 pounds. They also all appear in the nude.

Loloi has gained increased attention for Full Beauty since he began it in 2006, two years after returning to his hometown of Milan after studying for three years at the Naggar School of Photography in Musrara, Jerusalem.

Loloi, 37, first got interested in his subject when he came across the “fat acceptance” scene in New York and became acquainted with what are known as SSBBW, or super-sized big beautiful women.

“Women of size have always purely fascinated me,” the photographer said in an email interview with The Times of Israel. “Like all things that are unknown, I guess there is a natural tendency for one to be either curious, or to just end up plain prejudiced. I was naturally curious and wanted to know more, and eventually I developed the need to photograph these women.”

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