Make Some Noise, and Wallpaper

This piece first appeared in The Times of Israel.


Beastie Boys' Mike D's 'Brooklyn Toile' wallpaper

Beastie Boys’ Mike D’s ‘Brooklyn Toile’ wallpaper

Beastie Boys rapper and drummer Michael “Mike D” Diamond didn’t have to fight for the right to design his own custom wallpaper pattern.

The rapper is following the footsteps of other celebs, including fellow Jewish musician Lenny Kravitz, who designed several bold geometric wallpaper patterns with Flavor Paper.

So Diamond headed over to the Flavor Lair, the company’s groovy headquarters where they design their funky, quirky bespoke wallpapers and met owner and creative director Jon Sherman.

“Mike lives near here and he comes by,” Sherman recalled in a conversation with The Times of Israel. “He’s used our products before. He has our Elysian Fields wallpaper in his master bathroom.” That pattern is an intricate floral, but in an irreverent twist, it has bats and carnivorous plants instead of robins and roses.

“We take tradition and kind of turn it on its head,” Sherman explained. “We like to make it funky enough so that it just turns that corner.”

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