Thanksgivukkah Tunes & Caterwauls

This piece was first published in The Times of Israel.

Ari Lesser's 'Give Thanks' (photo credit: YouTube screenshot)

Ari Lesser’s ‘Give Thanks’ (photo credit: YouTube screenshot)

After this Thursday, we will be able to give thanks that there will be (we hope) no more once-in-70,000-year-holiday mashup videos. But in the meantime, they are coming at us at a fast and furious clip.

Apropos the hype surrounding the gigormous historiosity of the holiday, The Philadelphia Jewish Voice recently published an article stating it’s all a bunch of turkey hooey.

According to the piece, “Some of our older readers have already celebrated Hanukkah on Thanksgiving, and our younger readers may do so again.”

The paper claims the next convergence with be on November 27, 2070.

May we all live so long.

In the meantime, American Jews are still having fun with the holiday and it has become clear that our recent Thankgivukkah roundup just doesn’t cut it. Here are some more of the videos that have shown up online in the run-up to the big day. (Additional ones will surely be posted between now and November 28, but we’ll be too busy making our sweet potato latkes, Manischewitz-brined turkey, and pumpkin pie sufganiyot to pay attention.)

Click here to read and about and watch the videos.

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