Praise the Lorde for Pro-Snip Clip

This piece first appeared in The Times of Israel.

Screenshot for the Kol Ish 'Mohels' parody video. (photo credit: YouTube screenshot)

Screenshot for the Kol Ish ‘Mohels’ parody video. (photo credit: YouTube screenshot)

Here it is — the video that embattled mohels have been waiting for… and we have Lorde to thank for it.

It’s fortunate that the title of the teenage New Zealander’s hit song“Royals” happens to rhyme with the Hebrew word (with Yiddish pronunciation) for Jewish ritual circumcisers. Otherwise, Jewish a cappella group Kol Ish may not have thought to make its amusing“Mohels (The Bris Anthem)” parody video on the serious issue of proposed circumcision bans in countries around the world.

“Mohels have emailed us saying how happy they are to see positive reinforcement for what they do,” Kol Ish member Shawn Levine tells The Times of Israel. “We even heard from mohels in Europe who are organizing underground in order to be prepared if ritual circumcision is legally banned.”

In an announcement sent out when the video premiered online in mid-November, the group made clear the connection between its video and current headlines.

“Today, the Jewish people face a new challenge, as circumcision bans have begun to gain support in Europe, and in some places in the U.S. as well. Today it was reported that Norway may ban the brit milah practice.”

Click here to read more and watch the video.

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