iPad Gift Catapults Jewish Mother to Internet Stardom

This interview was first published as “Wisdom From the Mouth of a Jewish Mother” in The Times of Israel.

Filmmaker Joshua Seftel and his mother, Pat Seftel, the star of 'My Mom on Movies.' (photo credit: Phillip Toledano)

Filmmaker Joshua Seftel and his mother, Pat Seftel, the star of ‘My Mom on Movies.’ (photo credit: Phillip Toledano)

Over the years, we’ve loved watching on-screen yiddishe mammas likeMolly GoldbergIda Morgenstern and Sheila Broflovski. Now, another woman has joined the ranks of iconic Jewish mothers. Her name is Pat Seftel, and unlike the others, she is not fictional.

Fans of this highly engaging Jewish mother haven’t been watching her on the big screen or TV. This being 2013, they’ve been tuning in over the last year on laptops and mobile devices to watch her in a YouTube series called “My Mom on Movies,” in which her award-winning filmmaker son Joshua Seftel interviews her on everything from Justin Bieber’s monkeyMiley Cyrus’s twerking to the Boston Red Sox players’ beards.

Pat Seftel is in her 70s, winters in Sarasota, Florida and summers in Schenectady, New York. She never imagined becoming a video sensation. She was “discovered,” so to speak, when her children gave her an iPad as a birthday gift. They wanted Pat, a widow whose husband died in 2009, to stay in touch with them and feel less lonely.

It didn’t take long, however, for her director son to realize that there would be many people out there who would want to get in on his weekly conversations with his mother on FaceTime (which Pat has a tendency to call “facelift”).

The Times of Israel caught up by phone with mother and son for an interview about their professionally exciting and emotionally rewarding joint venture.

Click here to read the interview and watch some videos.

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