Sarah Silverman To Make Dramatic Debut

This post first appeared in The Times of Israel.

Sarah Silverman (photo credit: CC-BY Piyush.k, Flickr)

Sarah Silverman (photo credit: CC-BY Piyush.k, Flickr)

Sarah Silverman may have a wild and raunchy sense of humor, but she also wants to be taken seriously. We’ve seen this in her political outspokenness, whether it be for voting rights or women’s reproductive rights.

Now, the word is out that Silverman will have her first leading role in a dramatic film, called “I’ll Smile Back,” about a suburban New Jersey housewife whose life comes undone by indiscriminate sex and drug and alcohol abuse. “She’s mordantly funny but has a dark, dark inner life. And this is after rehab,” is how the character, Laney Brooks, is described by Roger Friedman for Showbiz 411.

The film is based on the 2008 novel by the same name by Amy Koppelman. She co-wrote the script with Paige Dylan, wife of musician Jakob Dylan, with input from Silverman. According to a Showbiz 411 source, “Amy wasn’t even thinking of writing a script until she heard Sarah doing on an interview on Howard Stern a couple of years ago. She called her up and said, I’m writing this for you.”

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