Press And Praise

What’s different about this blog? Everything.

Worth an habitual read? You bet. This is one groovy babe, not afraid to tackle any topic. Her entries are well- written and well thought-out, with material that manages to be whimsical, serious, critical, interesting or riveting depending on the entry.

I’m hooked!

Let My People Know/Jewish Tampa (Click here to read the entire review.)

Keep on doing your great work.. Finally I have a voice that leads me to re-think Jewish issues! Don’t stop!!!

Orit Shimoni (aka Little Birdie)

I have been consistently impressed by your wonderful blog. I find myself opening up link after link that you post. You consistently succeed in finding new and interesting items to post and in penning sincere and insightful commentary on a constant and consistent basis. כל הכבוד! I didn’t want to start the new year off without thanking you for all you’ve been writing and for being such a rich source of news.

Rabbi Jeff Cymet, Tiferet Shalom, Ramat Aviv, Tel Aviv

I really like the stuff you put up here. I enjoy your writing, and you seem to scoop some of the other Jewish blogs I read for work.

Ruth Abrams, Managing Editor,

Renee…I’ve learned that I can count on you to share noteworthy and interesting news stories!

Galit Breen, Minnesota Mamaleh blog

I just love your blogs! In addition to being thoughtful and witty, you are so prolific. I don’t read many bogs, but I do read yours.

Rabbi Lori Forman-Jacobi, Bergen County High School of Jewish Studies

Thank you Renee – from the bottom of my heart! You listened well and reflected what you heard back to me in a way that has moved me literally to tears.

Rose Barlow, San Francisco

I’m so glad  you turned back to writing! I really enjoy reading your blog as a quick getaway during my busy day!

Amy Landesberg, New York

Renee – your blog is so good, you have everything that you need to be in a great writer.When I read your blog it is makes me think, smile, and emotional. As I told you before, I cannot wait for a book to come out of it.

Liat Ben-Aharon, New York

This article really exemplifies one of the things I like best about this blog. I don’t keep up so well with “new, hip”      happenings in the American Jewish world. I’d miss finding out about a lot of interesting music, events, writings if not for Renee! Thanks!

Elaine Moise, Mountain View, CA

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