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The Best Of The Season

December 1, 2010

I detect a trend here.

Some of the most popular and well done Hanukkah videos this year are by clean-cut, young frum guys who seem to specialize in adapting top 40 tunes to Jewish holiday themes:

But, I have to admit that the whole kol ishah thing irks me. And also, why does everything always have to be set in New York? (I can’t believe I, who desperately misses her beloved UWS,  just said that.)

So, here’s a Hanukkah (sort of) video featuring a young woman singer. And it’s set in San Francisco (my current neck of the woods):

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The Fire Of Memory

November 30, 2010

I know I’m going out on a limb right now, just as all those fun Hanukkah videos are making their social networking rounds. After reading what I have to say here, you might starting calling me the Grinch (or a worse word that kinda rhymes with “grinch”) Who Stole Hanukkah. That’s fine with me – the Gen X Yiddishe Mamme has to speak her mind.

I’m a fan of and of Bible Raps (just search for them on this blog – you’ll find several posts mentioning each). However, the Hanukkah song and video offered to us jointly by them, “Light Is In The Air (More Fire),” is adding to my worry about the apparently extremely short historical memory of young Jews today.

True to its name, Bible Raps, focuses on transmitting biblical narratives to children, teens and young adults through rap music. So, I have no problem with the lyrics of the song, which talk about references to fire in the Torah (the Burning Bush, God appearing in the desert as a pillar of fire, Temple sacrifice).

What I find disturbing are some of the images: a book of Torah (specifically, a book with Rashi commentary) burning, a Jewish person standing in a tight circle of fire, and large explosions and even mushroom clouds. I get it – despite what the Hellenist Greeks tried to do to us, we prevailed and the fire of Torah learning still resides within us.

But, excuse me, have the makers of the video never heard about the burning of Jewish books by those who sought to destroy us and our traditions in various dark times in our people’s history? Did the story of Haninah Ben Teradion being immolated by the Romans, the burning of Jews at the stake by the Inquisition, or the Nazi crematoria not come to mind? How could more recent news items of Jews dying in Israeli buses exploded by suicide bombers or the nuclear threat Iran poses to Israel not have set off a self-sensoring (aka anti-bad taste) mechanism?

There’s a warning at the end of the video – it says, “Warning: The fire stunts in this video are dangerous and should not be attempted in place of traditional Menorah lighting! No Bibles, Bible Rappers or Jew Fros were burned in the making of this video.” It’s good to know that this video making business is all make-believe. But what these guys don’t seem to appreciate is that many, many Jewish holy texts and human beings (curly haired and otherwise) have been burned for real.

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Eight Days

November 14, 2010

For Hanukkah last year, Nefesh B’Nefesh (the organization that facilitates and subsidizes aliyah to Israel for North American and British Jews affectionately known as NBN), organized a flash mob on the Ben Yehuda midrachov (pedestrian mall) in central Jerusalem. This year, their holiday treat for us is a music video take-off on Matisyahu’s “One Day.” Since it’s Hanukkah we’re talking about here, “One Day” has become “Eight Days,” and in the video we see eight young new olim (immigrants) dancing and bopping through a tour of all the tourist highlights of their new country. Note the requisite cross section of “ingathering of the exiles” types: a couple of tall, laid back, flip-flop wearing hunky guys (one with kippah, one without), a frum guy in black suit and hat, a soldier, a blond girl, a brunette girl, and a really cute young woman with dreadlocks.

If you’d like to sing along, here are the opening lyrics:

“Eight Days, Eight Day, Eight Days.
I used to lay under the moon, and I’d dream ’bout flyin’
On a plane to the Holy Land. Then I’d wake up cryin’.
Finally my dream came true. I moved to the land of the Jews.
I came on an NBN flight, and now my future’s lookin’ so bright.
‘Cuz all my life I was waiting for, I was praying for
Finding the way.
Ever since my aliyah, every Hanukkah is my favorite eight days…”

My favorite part is the kid dressed somewhat dorkily as a dreidl, who is a real sport about looking and feeling completely out of place with a bunch of ostensibly cool twenty-somethings.

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