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The Rabbis Who Steam Up The Pulpit

December 31, 2013

This piece first appeared in The Times of Israel.

Jewrotica Sexiest Rabbis Graphic

Upon hearing that he had been named to Jewrotica’s “Sexiest Rabbis of 2013” list, the first thing Rabbi Josh Yuter wondered was whether this would help or hurt his shidduch chances.

“I’m sexy and I didn’t know it,” Yuter joked after being informed by The Times of Israel that his name was on the list. The young Orthodox rabbi of New York’s Stanton Street Shul and YUtopia blogger and podcaster had no idea he had been one of the more than 150 rabbis worldwide nominated on the basis of their hotness.

Nonetheless, he’s pleased to be recognized in this way. “When the titles of ‘most knowledgeable’ and ‘most respected’ are filled, you take what you can get,” he said.

Yuter is not the only member of the list to take the honor with good humor. The Times of Israel spoke to six of the 10 rabbis on the list, and they all understood that they were being noted not necessarily for their physical attributes, but rather for the criteria Jewrotica set out in the nomination process.

The online hub for Jewish sexuality sought rabbis with a killer combination of smarts, action and badassery (“the quality of being unique and not afraid to speak your mind or live life your own way”).

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