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‘Rabbi’ Tom Hanks Dances on Instagram

July 10, 2014

This post first appeared in The Times of Israel.

Justin Bieber captures Tom Hanks dressed 'as a rabbi' at Jewish manager's wedding July 7, 2014. (Instagram screenshot)

Justin Bieber captures Tom Hanks dressed ‘as a rabbi’ at Jewish manager’s wedding July 7, 2014. (Instagram screenshot)

Tom Hanks may have been wearing a bit of a costume, but it didn’t look like he was just acting at having fun at the recent wedding of Scooter Braun, Justin Bieber’s Jewish manager

In a video posted on Tuesday by the singer, the actor is seen joyfully dancing while wearing a yarmulke and tallit (Jewish prayer shawl). To be sure, the tallit looked like it could have been fashioned from a tablecloth, but that was beside the point.

What mattered was that Hanks was apparently fulfilling the mitzvah of entertaining the bride and groom by busting some Hasidic-inspired moves as he boogied along to Montell Jordan’s 1995 dance classic, “This Is How We Do It.”

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Elijah Wood Has A Thing For A (Hebrew) Ring

August 9, 2011

This post first appeared as “Elijah Wood’s Mysterious Ring (No, Not That One) on The Shmooze blog of the Forward.

It’s been quite a while since you’ve been able to assume that someone wearing jewelry or other adornments with Jewish symbols or Hebrew writing is Jewish.

Just think about all those Kabbalah red-string bracelets around the wrists of celebs like Madonna, Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher. And what about Justin Bieber’s new Hebrew tattoo he got while in Israel? (Okay, it says “Yeshua,” which means Jesus. But hey, it’s still in Hebrew.)

Unlike us, these stars did not get their Jewish bling from their bubbes (didn’t we all get our first Chai and Magen David necklace from our grandmothers?). In most cases, though, they did get it from Jews or in relation to a Jewish experience.

But that, however, is not always the case. This month’s American Way magazine (available online or in the seat pocket in front of you) features a close-up shot of actor Elijah Wood sporting a hard-to-miss silver band imprinted with “Im lo achshav aymatai” (“If not now, when?”) on the ring finger of his right hand.

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