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MTV World Takes On Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

December 9, 2013

This piece was first published in The Times of Israel.

Singer Maysa Daw performs at a community concert in the Jordan Valley in the northern West Bank. (photo credit: Mikhail Galustov/Courtesy of MTV World)

Singer Maysa Daw performs at a community concert in the Jordan Valley in the northern West Bank. (photo credit: Mikhail Galustov/Courtesy of MTV World)

Rebel Music,” a new series from MTV World, showcases young people in six countries around the globe putting themselves on the front lines to make social changes through art and music.

 The series, executive produced and given its visual identity by artist Shepard Fairey, gives Millennial Americans a glimpse into the lives of creative, activist youth in Egypt, Afghanistan, Mali, India, Israel/Palestine, and Mexico. The Israel/Palestine episodepremieres on mtvU on December 9.

“We see the headlines about a country in conflict or undergoing revolution and we forget there are young human beings with aspirations living there,” says Nusrat Durrani, MTV World’s general manager and senior vice president, as well as the series’ creator and executive producer.

“We noticed that a lot of countries in the news have stories around youth that are not being told,” he continues in a phone interview with The Times of Israel. “Many of these countries have huge youth populations and many of the movements in those countries are being driven by youth. For instance, we filmed in Egypt during the second revolution there earlier this year.”

In the Israel/Palestine episode, some of the musicians aren’t really all that young, but what matters to MTV is that they are young at heart and idealistic about the power of musical collaboration across political lines to change the status quo.

The episode features both known and lesser-known names in Israeli and Palestinian music. Kobi Farhi of Israeli progressive heavy metal band Orphaned Land (which has been around since 1991) is shown consulting with Abed Hathout of the Acre-based Palestinian-Israeli rock band Khalas (as in “enough” to the conflict) about Arabic lyrics. Khalas, with its Jewish Israeli bass player Rooster Tuning, is also shown performing on the same stage with Orphaned Land.

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Gyrating To The Beat Of Peace

July 29, 2011

This post was first published as “Lebanese Belly Dancer Can’t Go Home Again” on The Arty Semite blog of the Forward.

Johanna Farkhry and Kobi Farhi

Lebanese-French belly dancer Johanna Fakhry has gyrated herself into some big trouble with her homeland. She has been barred from returning to Lebanaon following an appearance last month at Hellfest, an outdoor music festival in France, with the Israeli metal band Orphaned Land.

The Jerusalem Post reports that it was Fakhry’s idea to dance onstage with the Israeli musicians, and to hold up the Lebanese and Israeli flags side by side in a gesture of peace and brotherhood (though the Israeli one happened to have been much larger). Orphan Land’s lead singer Kobi Farhi was pleased to join forces with the belly dancer after she contacted him through Facebook. However, he warned her of his concern for her reputation and safety should she appear with the band, and especially should they wave their national banners together. Lebanon has technically been in a state of war with Israel since 1948.

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