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The Cheesiest Terror Push on Facebook

July 14, 2014

This piece first appeared on the Forward Thinking blog at the Forward.


It’s no surprise that in 2014, the war between Hamas and Israel is being fought on the Internet and social media front, as well as from the air (and possibly soon on the ground, as well). Both sides of the conflict are trying to get the world to understand and support their case for being embroiled in these hostilities.

The two sides are also trying to speak to —or rather, intimidate — one another. What is going on here is no joke. But some attempts by Hamas to scare Israelis have resulted in far more laughter than panic.

First, there is the Hebrew language website of the Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades, Hamas’ military wing. Somehow, I can’t imagine that many – if any—Hebrew-speaking Israelis are interested in propagandistic updates on happenings in what the terror organization refers to as “Occupied Palestine” (ie. the entire State of Israel, not just the West Bank).

Maybe if the very basic Hebrew-language site were as rich as the original Arabic site, Israelis would pay more attention. Israelis are too busy running to bomb shelters to bother clicking on links that don’t work.

Then, there is this propaganda video titled, “Shake Israel’s Security,” showing fatigue wearing, masked Hamas fighters building, transporting and shooting rockets at Israel.

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A Little Sloganly Advice

April 19, 2010

Where have I been? Good question, since I seem to be one of the only people living in an English-speaking country who did not know until recently about a ubiquitous cousin slogan (that’s not a technical term – I just made it up) of one of my favorite Hebrew sayings, gam zeh ya’avor (of which I wrote in my This Too Shall Pass post).

Apparently, gam zeh ya’avor is so well known in popular culture that it has passed from being displayed as tattoos in the original Hebrew lettering among the hard core set

Photo from Lujan Martinez's Flikr photostream

to appearing in English transliteration on t-shirts, ball caps, baby bibs, etc., etc. for those of us less inclined to make such a permanent statement.

Well, if “This Too Shall Pass,” then I guess it makes sense to just “Keep Calm and Carry On,” as we are instructed by the (obviously) British slogan (from WWII propaganda, but not widely used at the time and only recently rediscovered) that has taken off like wildfire in the past few years. Like its cousin from traditional Jewish sources, this has become my mantra, with my repeating it over and over to myself multiple times daily. (I don’t do yoga, and it sure beats pulling my hair out).

It must be the fact that I am originally from a Commonwealth country that attracts me to this slogan. Or maybe it’s simply that it is available in just about every color of the rainbow, so that I can choose whatever hue tickles my fancy on any given day.

Like gam zeh ya’avor, KCACO appears on any and every type of merchandise an entrepreneur can imagine imprinting it with. And yes, you can also find some skin imprinted with it, too.

What I have found most interesting is the plethora of clever take-offs on the slogan that have sprung up. Just do a Google image search for KCACO and you’ll find pages and pages of the real McCoy and scads of take-offs to keep you busy for hours. But what I like best is this version,

which, if I am going to be totally honest, is really more my kind of thing than KCACO’s stiff-upper-lip-ness and gam zeh ya’avor‘s stoic fatalism.

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