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“The Dictator” Meant Those Ashes For George Clooney

May 8, 2012

This post first appeared on The Shmooze blog at the Forward.

Whoops! You know those Kim Jong-il “ashes” that Sacha Baron Cohen — in character as the Supreme Leader of Wadiya — spilled all over Ryan Seacrest on the red carpet at the Oscars? Well, it turns out that they were originally meant for George Clooney…and that the provocateur is contrite over the incident.

Last weekend, Baron Cohen made a surprise cameo on Saturday Night Live and used the opportunity to apologize to Seacrest, who was also on the set. “I didn’t realize that ‘The Dictator’ was doing a walk on cameo [on SNL]!” Seacrest said, according to Perez Hilton. “He comes off stage and comes over to me. He breaks character and says, ‘Sorry about the Oscars. It wasn’t personal.’”

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Sacha Baron Cohen Shocks On Aussie “Today” Show

May 2, 2012

This post first appeared on The Shmooze blog at the Forward.

Sacha Baron Cohen ruined some Australians’ breakfast appetites when he appeared this morning on the country’s Today Show to promote his new movie, “The Dictator.” In fact, he seemed to be making the show’s hosts so uncomfortable that at times it looked like they themselves might toss their cookies right there on the set.

Dressed as Admiral General Aladeen of the fictional Republic of Wadiya and flanked by two scantily clad female “guards,” Baron Cohen began his R-rated conversation with the hosts by bringing regards from Mel Gibson. “He has just become the head of our Department of Race Relations and he’s on the board of the Museum of Intolerance,” the admiral notified them.

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Dream G-dcast Casting

November 16, 2010

Dream casting: Jon Steward as Moses

Those of you who read my blog and follow my annoyingly frequent posts on facebook know that I am a fan of Sarah Lefton‘s G-dcast animated videos, which make learning about the weekly Torah portions and Jewish holidays not only engaging, but also very meaningful.

One of the highlights of my recent trip back to the homeland (I speak of Manhattan) was my having coffee and a good schmooze with G-dcast’s educational director Matthue Roth. If only I had been so cool and brilliant when I was his age (and I’m still not as cool and brilliant and probably never will be).

Of course, I enjoy hearing in the videos the voices of people like Dara Horn, Danny Raphael, Amichai Lau-Lavie, Jay Michaelson and Dahlia Lithwick. To me, they’re rock stars. But for the general population, their names don’t ring a bell.

So, that’s where Sarah Lefton’s brilliant new idea comes in. Today, she published on (I’d never heard of this pop culture site before – but whatever) a post in which she names celebrities she would love to provide voices for G-dcast videos. Not only does she name them, but she casts them in specific biblical roles and cleverly explains her rationale. I say Sarah has a real eye for talent for wanting Jon Stewart for Moses, Natalie Portman for Miriam, Jerry Seinfeld for Pharaoh, Sarah Silverman for the Burning Bush  (loved the explanation for that one!), and Sacha Baron Cohen for none other than God.

Sarah, as you know, I’m not a professional casting director. Nonetheless, I would recommend your trying to get George Clooney for Abraham. He’s a man of conviction, and we’ve seen pictures in the media of him making serious journeys in deserts. Most importantly, a guy that good looking would have no trouble convincing anyone to smash the idols and idolize him – I mean, follow his monotheistic lead.

Hey – I know he’s not Jewish like the other celebs you’ve thought of, but could we make an exception in this case? If not, then let’s sit down together and scroll through the list of Jewish celebs so kindly put together for us by the Jewish United Fund/Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Chicago. It gives us everything we need to know, except for their agents’ phone numbers. But I’m sure that as soon as we track down and convince one of them to join the G-dcast crew, the rest of them will be calling you.

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